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The City of Ieper, 1914-1918 Ypres Salient, Belgium.
Visitor Centre for Ieper Ypres. Visitor Centre for Ieper Ypres and the Westhoek. For information about the Visitor Centre for Ieper Ypres the Westhoek, it's' location in the centre of Ypres and contact details see our page at.: Visitor Centre for Ypres the Westhoek.
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Ypres: a city to experience, discover and enjoy Visit Ypres with the official tourist site.
We welcome you every day in the Visitors Centre for Ypres and the Westhoek, located in the western wing of the Cloth Hall. There you will discover the many assets of Ypres, Flanders Fields and French Flanders, over the border.

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Restaurant Tearoom De Trompet Ypres.
Feel free to come and tast our delicious dishes, served in a very nice atmosphere. De Trompet, Grote Markt Ypres. Welcome to the website of De Trompet, a restaurant and grillhouse situated at de Grote Markt in the center of Ypres.
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Now a combined town-hall, tourist office and an award-winning museum called In Flanders Fields, and dedicated to the Great War, its vast spaces were once used as warehouses, and market places, for the cloth that was the lifeblood of Ypres.
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After the destruction of Thérouanne, Ypres became the seat of the new Diocese of Ypres in 1561, and Saint Martin's' Church was elevated to cathedral. On 25 March 1678 Ypres was conquered by the forces of Louis XIV of France.
14 Best Things to Do in Ypres Belgium The Crazy Tourist.
The museum, which explores all aspects of WW1 uses various media and sensory experiences including videos, sounds and smells to fully immerse visitors. There are even interactive experiences including selecting a war time persona and following their trials and tribulations throughout the war. Where to stay in Ypres, Belgium: Best Hotels in Ypres, Belgium.
The 10 Best Things to Do in Ieper Ypres 2018 with Photos TripAdvisor.
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