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Renovate Definition of Renovate by Merriam-Webster.
Work to renovate the six-story building will begin in the fall of 2019, following the opening of the new Lindner College of Business building. kate murphy,, University" of Cincinnati: Trustees OK 40M renovation to keep College of Law on campus, 24 Oct.
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He told of his return to Bayport, and the renovation of the old house. Disease weakens the tree, making the expense of renovation greater. I went in to tell Tom of the renovation and general reform that was about to begin.
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c.1400, renovacyoun spiritual" rebirth, also rebuilding, reconstruction, from Middle French renovation 13c, or directly from Latin renovationem nominative renovatio a" renewing, renewal; a rest, noun of action from past participle stem of renovare renew, restore, from re again" see re novare make" new, from novus new" see new. 1520s, back-formation from renovation, or else from Latin renovatus, past participle of renovare renew, restore" see renovation.
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The roots of renovation refer to newness and doing something again its from the Latin re for again" and novare which means, make" new. A rundown building is in need of renovation, or a website that's' being redesigned is under renovation.
renovation Wiktionary.
renovation countable and uncountable, plural renovations. An act, or the process, of renovating. Related terms edit. act or process of renovating. Arabic: ar m tajdd, m iy, m tarmm. Chinese: Mandarin: zh zhngxi, zh fnxn, zh shuxn. Dutch: renovatie nl f.
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The Paint Color That Can Increase a Home's' Value. You may want to bring this shade into every room of your home. By Emma Pritchard. From a DIY project to a major renovation makeover, remodeling anything in your house is easy with professional tips and tricks.
Renovation Wikipedia.
Renovations usually require all of the sub-trades that are needed for the construction of a new building. During renovation projects, flexibility is often required from renovation companies to respond to unexpected issues that arise. Projects involving renovation require not just flexibility, but a plan that had been agreed upon by multiple parties.
Renovate Synonyms, Renovate Antonyms
renovate 1520s; see renovation. Example Sentences for renovate. It is time to restore and renovate our communications with the Most High. All the German governments are at work to renovate their fire-arms. He would have condemned and destroyed instead of trying to renovate.
renovation Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
We have a commitment that the city will only carry out new construction and renovation that meets green building principles. They were willing to buy a property that was in need of renovation. We had to move out of the offices while the renovations were being done.

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